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Northern China Weddings

Przemek & Baicai’s Wedding in Northern China

By June 23, 2014February 3rd, 20152 Comments

                                                                   PRZEMEK & BAICAI 

It was such a pleasure to photograph Przemek & Baicai’s Northern China Wedding. I could not wait for their “Big Day” when Przemek started to send me instructions of the day.

Przemek met Baicai two years before he proposed to her at the Beijing TV tower, the same place which these TWO met for the first time. And finally the big day came up. Przemek brought his family and friends from Europe to celebrate his wedding day in the Northern China.

The Wedding day started with Przemek’s getting ready, then he ride a horse to Baicai’s home as the Chinese traditions says. He pick-up his wife and put her into a red carriage as according to the tradition in the north of China.

This wedding was a mixture of amazing Chinese and western style.

Morning celebrations were very traditional Chinese customs well-known in North China included a fascinating, red wedding dress, red carriage and a black horse!

Afternoon celebrations were western alike with dances, drinking and bread-greetings and were finished by a loud night party the next day!

It was such a joy to watch those TWO and to be part of their fantastic story! Thank to you both!



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