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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Emotional Wedding Photography

What Is Your Style?

My style is a combination of fine art portraiture and documentary style; and best illustrated as fresh, romantic and fashionable. Paying close attention to the details, mood and composition allows me to provide you with unique artistic imagery. I am aware that a wedding is a fast-paced event, and documenting it from different angles is best.

I want my couples to choose me based on the style and quality of my work, and that is why I do not have a street studio because we are not for everyone.

Do You Offer Engagement Sessions, Anniversary Sessions And Destination Wedding Coverage As Well?

Of course, I do! I love engagement sessions because I can spend more time with you, the couple, in a relaxed atmosphere before the wedding to know you better. Anniversary sessions are great because your feelings are mature, and it is a clear joy to refresh your feelings from the wedding day.

Destination weddings and overseas pre-wedding sessions are also my goals for this year, and if you are planning your wedding or pre-wedding session in Thailand, Maldives, South Korea, Japan, Bali or any worldwide location, I will be very delighted to be a part of this!

For the destination weddings, I need to arrive at least one day before to scout the location and take some street imagery, which I will use in your album later. Travel expenses + package, with at least 10 hrs of coverage apply to destination weddings.

When shall we contact you to book you for our wedding?

The earlier the better, if you know the date of your wedding, please contact me ASAP, and then I can book your date.

Do You Shoot With A Second Photographer?

I shoot solo and I am the only photographer with the Emotional Wedding Photography; I might bring an assistant if the situation requires me to, help me set up the lighting, etc.

Do you make albums? What products can you offer to us? What does the process look like?

Yes, I do! Emotional Wedding Photography albums are hand-made in New York, Italy or the UK; the quality is by far superior, especially when you hold this piece of art in your hands. I have chosen these albums because I think about the quality of the service and products for my clients.

I also offer quality prints. Framed wood prints offer the beauty of a large wood print, finished with unique framing options including pine, hardwood cherry, dark walnut or even rustic wood frames.

The albums are designed within around 4 weeks after the wedding and you will get the digital version of the album, as proof, and to make changes in the next two weeks. You could expect a finished product in 2-3 months after the wedding, which depends on the delivery time from the suppliers. Engagement albums are made locally and this makes logistics easier.

How much do you charge?

I hear this question a lot! I do have just two collections to suit your needs, which are based on the number of images and the number of hours of coverage of your wedding. The collection includes between 3-8 hours of photography coverage, full-resolution images and a password-protected online gallery. The collections start from just GBP 400 for half a day/elopement wedding (3 hours coverage) and £750 for a full-day wedding (7-8 hours coverage), these are absolutely promotional prices despite the current inflation!

If the situation requires, additional wedding photography coverage is also possible at one flat rate per hour.

I see the name “Slawomir Maj” on my photography contract, why is it like that?

Thank you for this question; the answer is simple; this is my full name when I was born. I use Gregory Kowalski as my Artistic Alias, such as: Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson. Additionally, it became a second part of me while I enrolled for the theatre school, but I did not succeed. This is cool, as I am fulfilling myself as a photographer!

If I need to cancel my wedding or change the date, is the retainer refundable?

The retainer fee paid is non-refundable. This retainer allows me to hold the date entirely for you and based on this, I have to decline all other bookings for this date.

Could you describe the booking process, and the steps related to reserving you as our wedding photographer?

Yes, Absolutely! If you like my style and appreciate my work, then go ahead:

  1. Use the contact form, send me a direct email to or call me at +44 0 7422513288 to inform me about your wedding date, the style and how you guys met. Also, please do not forget to attach your phone number. I will respond to you as soon as I can.
  2. Set up a meeting over Skype, WhatsApp, Teams, etc., and we will discuss your needs for wedding photography.
  3.  Sign the contract if all your concerns are solved and pay 100% of the booking fee.
  4.  After photographing your wedding and after 4 weeks, your images will be waiting for you, and the envelope with USB will be handed to you either by mail or by courier! As for the album design, if you choose the album as part of your customised package, I will submit digital proof of the album to you and wait 2 weeks for your final decision. After this, I will send the final version of the Album layout to the Album Company. Around 5-6 weeks later, the album is handled to you either by mail or courier company.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about wedding photography I receive.

Please email me if you have any more questions that are not covered above at: