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"We have just seen them now... They are absolutely stunning!" - Elizabeth & Peter


"Greg was such a thoughtful photographer he made our day with photos he took" - Niki & Paul


"Wow, Just Amazing, Thank you!" - D & A


Hello! I am Greg!

I am a creative London wedding photographer, (Reigate/Redhill wedding photographer precisely). My passion is the images, I am thinking all the time about the inspiration for the stories and how to tell them. My style is fashion-like (about this later ;)), cinematic and relaxed. If you would like to find out more about my way of creating images, please feel free to email me at


This is the inherent part of the story created. My bread and butter is a fashion photography. I shoot fashion collections for designers in Hong Kong, Macau and China. The elements of directing, composition and framing will show you at your best. Don’t worry, it is nothing to be scared or shy. I will direct you both to get all these emotions out!


As a documentary wedding photographer, I will tell the story of a whole day as it unfolds. These unique skills I excelled during the travels and during my 6 years daily journey in China. Black and white shines the most in telling the emotions. There are so many moments missed by other photographers, the skill set to observe and capture this unique moment is rare. The documentary style is also my hidden weapon to help to be unnoticed and unobtrusive.

From a recent wedding …