My name is Gregory Kowalski, and I am a European wedding day photographer.

Photography has been always a passion of mine for x years. I was moved by this medium when I was taking pictures during my travels and I just fell in love with photography. I am proud that I grew from taking pictures to create photographs.

My style is a mixture of fashion photography and street photography and that is why I love weddings! They allow me to combine these two favorite genres. I am a strong enthusiast for using natural light during the day. Almost all lenses I own are manual with great optics most suitable for available light.

I am a strong believer that photography should contain messages and save moments with emotions, mood and all the feelings associated with the biggest day. These passions shall be created and printed because this way you are able to share them with your closest ones for many years.

My friends often joke that the photography is my second lover, (haha…shhhh, don’t tell my wife) because it is actually true and my wife is often jealous when she needs to compete over and over again!

I lived in China for 6 years and moved back to the UK very recently to continue my beautiful and romantic story and I have never stopped shooting personal projects, model portfolios and weddings. Photography became my profession a very long time ago and it is not a passion anymore but it is a way I live!

Contact me if you have any questions or for booking for your next event, whenever or wherever it may be!

Please feel free to see my FASHION and TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY photography here:, or to find out more or book your wedding photographer contact me by phone at (+44) 0 7422 513 288 or by the contact form at Emotional Wedding Photography.

You can also find me on Google Plus .