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Make a List to Keep Your Wedding Plans Organized

Make a List to Keep Your Wedding Plans Organized

You have decided to get married? Congratulations! Planning a wedding is an exciting time, even though it may seem overwhelming at first. Therefore i believe that this a short article-wedding planning guide is useful for every to-be bride!

The most important item you will need is a list of all the important details of your wedding. Make up your list as soon as possible the sooner you have a list of your plans, the less stressed you will feel!

A wedding planning list really can contain any and every detail of your special day. Start with the big items first: wedding date and location, photographer, budget, number of wedding guests, bridal gown, people in the wedding party, food for the reception, wedding rings, etc. You will notice that finding a bridal gown is near the beginning of the list; that is because most bridal shops require at least six months to order in a dress to meet the needs of the bride. As soon as possible, begin planning where you will get your wedding gown? Whether you will order it from a bridal shop, order it online or have one made for you.

Your list can also include details about the various places you have to choose from for your wedding reception. Write down anything you want to remember, including what choices of food each place offers, how many guests can be accommodated, if there is a dance floor, and any other details you think are important for your reception. It will be easier to choose a location if you have all the information to compare them to each other.

Guangzhou Ritz Carlton wedding venue Phuket beach wedding Which style would you like to choose?

                                 Ritz Carlton wedding venue                                                                                            Phuket beach wedding                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         What style would you like to choose?

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10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Today I decided to move to a very difficult topic for every bride and valid at all times despite of the year or season: “10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer”

This task is always a challenge because if you are a first time bride (95% of all of you) then you do not have any experience and knowledge of what questions to ask.; important questions which are crucial for your special day. You need to be confident that your choice is right and you will not be disappointed later on.

You usually ask your first question: “How much does it cost?”

Most of brides ask this question first, why?

The reason is simple because you do not know what questions you should ask.

Prices in our lives are clearly visible everywhere, at the supermarket, at the grocery store, at the Prada, etc. It is essential that the photographer is in your budget’s range but this shall not be a decisive factor when you choose one photographer over another. 

I would like to give you more reasons to ask different questions than asking for the price only:

1. The style


Western style engagement session has more cinematic and emotional touch                                                                            Chinese pre-wedding session is more staged and fun

 I am sure that you do a lot of research before contacting any wedding vendor, if not then you should do that. A photographer’s case is similar.

First you should like his or her photos; you should hear a “wow” inside of your heart when you look at the photos. Everyone has a different view and interpretation of the art or images generally.

I am personally much more satisfied when someone likes my work and contacting me about my services based on that.

The style is very important because you should feel confident and you also ought to trust the skills of your photographer that they can repeatedly create breathtaking images.

2. Shot list

I assume that you wish that your photographer will not miss any important moment during the day of your wedding.

This is important as many photojournalists are shooting the day freely and it is a large chance that they will capture all the events happened during the wedding however they are less likely to take formal portraits of your aunties, grandmas, friends and others.

You need to articulate what you want and what people shall be included, you also should tell the photographer about any inconveniences such what your family members shall not be places beside each other after events such a divorce.

So please ask your photographer if he is going to follow your shot list.

3. Packages, albums, prints, USB.


Albums are amazing way to share your memories with your family

a) Packages

Photographers usually have different packages to suit different budgets, tastes or needs. I cannot emphasize enough that choosing the right package is critical for your future experience.

Most of the wedding photography studios will agree to give you limited number of shoots; it is usually a very small number like 20-60. If that is what you need then it is good. Having more images and especially in the form of albums is very important.

You should ask what a package includes and what items you are able to purchase ala carte.

Many photographers offer shoot-burn packages. Sounds painful, right? It is actually hurting – you are right! In my opinion this is disservice to the clients to offer such a deal – if you receive unedited images then you already burnt yourself!

A whole photography is based on the printed images; XXI’s evolution bends this philosophy a little bit with computers, CDs, DVDs, etc.

My question as follows: “Where do you have VHS videos or even CDs?  In a drawer?”

Right – exactly. There are no more video players in the market for VHS tapes.

The Emotional Wedding Photography offers you three packages to suit your needs which are based on the number of images and amount of hours during the coverage of your wedding.


b) Albums

It is much better to have a material value, something which you can hold in your hands tomorrow, 1 year or 10 years later. The albums are giving you the comfort that you will be able to show your wedding images to your friends, children and grandchildren.

Albums give you that“wow” effect when you share them with others if they are built nicely and elegantly.

Emotional Wedding Photography are handmade in New York, the quality is far superior and the feeling is amazing when you hold them in your hands and feeling the leather smell or touching a Louis Vuitton fabrics cover.

A build quality will you guarantee of the same look after 20 years and even more. I tried to find such a quality in China for many weeks and months but I failed and this could be tip for you what kind of product our albums are.


c) Prints

Prints are also amazing decorative experiences which you could appreciate and remind all these amazing moments every time you look at your wall. That is why it is so important to ask your wedding photographer for the printed images.

This is an investment for your home not only the photography but it is also an excellent decoration for your empty walls at your new apartment!

I am a large supporter of the value in the photography, and the real value is everything what is printed and showed to the world.

The emotional wedding photography prints are an unusual product made of high quality wood which is made for export especially.

Framed wood prints offer the beauty of a large wood print finished with unique framing options including pine, hardwood cherry, dark walnut or even rustic wood frames.

Your wedding or engagement image can be printed full frame which has the beautiful characteristics of the wood while also giving the focus to your image for you to enjoy during rainy or less happy days. There are different colors available to suit your home needs as decoration necessity.

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Chinese Wedding Customs And China Wedding Timeline




The wedding is a once in a life time experience for everyone. This special day is always one of the most important events in life, although it is not celebrated in the same way in every country or even province in China. In some provinces in China, the bride needs to be bought from her parents through offering a lump sum of money (“bribe”) by a future son-in-law who wants to marry their daughter; this tradition is often received with many complaints from the foreigners married in arranged marriages from online matrimonial websites. Therefore, wedding customs vary geographically and they are not even close to the western wedding celebrations.

There is even a custom I experienced during one wedding in Shanghai, in which a virgin boy or girl needs to spend one night before the wedding in the marriage couple’s bed, and this is for the purpose of happiness. I will look at the common practices during Chinese weddings that I experienced as a wedding photographer. Important to mention is that the choice of a wedding day in China depends, in many situations, on the grandfather’s skills to find a ‘lucky’ date for the couple based on the Chinese calendar. If the date is chosen, then the wedding is officially announced among the family members and colleagues and friends..


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