Editorial Engagement Session

Yasmina + Balint – Editorial Engagement Session in Zhongshan, China

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the editorial engagement session of the cutest mixed cultured couple – Yasmina and Balint. When I communicated my ideas to them about natural forest scenery they were IN!

We went to Zhongshan (Guangdong) forest for their editorial engagement shoot and we drove in a awesome Beijing jeep, so much adorable thing ever! Balint is a car admirer and wanted to include his car at our session. Yasmina was laughing that she is sometimes second priority after car’s love.

I had an idea how we could incorporate his jeep in our images to get this cinematic feel they strive for! We also wanted to go beyond the borders at some points and create unique imagery and they were brilliant and they done it!…

I believe it can be a new stream on the pre-wedding photos in China.

Enjoy the images..!

Couple kissing during western engagement session in ChinaCouple hug each other and look at the front of camera Couple posing on the background of the rocksfashion posing on the mountains backdrop Macro image of Rings during engagement session in ChinaWedding rings on the stone during the engagement session in China Couple fashionable pose in the rock backgroundCool engagement session in China, beijing jeep and couple posingCinematic image with the couple posing on the rock backgroundCinematic kiss during engagement session in China, mountains, car and the couple, what do you want more romantic than this?Couple in the jeep, engagement session in China, wedding fashion photographer

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Chinese Wedding Customs And China Wedding Timeline




The wedding is a once in a life time experience for everyone. This special day is always one of the most important events in life, although it is not celebrated in the same way in every country or even province in China. In some provinces in China, the bride needs to be bought from her parents through offering a lump sum of money (“bribe”) by a future son-in-law who wants to marry their daughter; this tradition is often received with many complaints from the foreigners married in arranged marriages from online matrimonial websites. Therefore, wedding customs vary geographically and they are not even close to the western wedding celebrations.

There is even a custom I experienced during one wedding in Shanghai, in which a virgin boy or girl needs to spend one night before the wedding in the marriage couple’s bed, and this is for the purpose of happiness. I will look at the common practices during Chinese weddings that I experienced as a wedding photographer. Important to mention is that the choice of a wedding day in China depends, in many situations, on the grandfather’s skills to find a ‘lucky’ date for the couple based on the Chinese calendar. If the date is chosen, then the wedding is officially announced among the family members and colleagues and friends..


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Przemek & Baicai’s Wedding in Northern China

                                                                   PRZEMEK & BAICAI 

It was such a pleasure to photograph Przemek & Baicai’s Northern China Wedding. I could not wait for their “Big Day” when Przemek started to send me instructions of the day.

Przemek met Baicai two years before he proposed to her at the Beijing TV tower, the same place which these TWO met for the first time. And finally the big day came up. Przemek brought his family and friends from Europe to celebrate his wedding day in the Northern China.

The Wedding day started with Przemek’s getting ready, then he ride a horse to Baicai’s home as the Chinese traditions says. He pick-up his wife and put her into a red carriage as according to the tradition in the north of China.

This wedding was a mixture of amazing Chinese and western style.

Morning celebrations were very traditional Chinese customs well-known in North China included a fascinating, red wedding dress, red carriage and a black horse!

Afternoon celebrations were western alike with dances, drinking and bread-greetings and were finished by a loud night party the next day!

It was such a joy to watch those TWO and to be part of their fantastic story! Thank to you both!



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